I’ve just been distracted from watching The IT Crowd (not the one with the fire but close) by some large heavy vehicle struggling to get past the cars parked outside our house.

“What lorry is trying to get up here at 3.20am?” I thought to myself and peered through the curtains.

A fire engine.

Fair enough.

I found myself putting on my coat and going to take some things to the postbox, and, you know, just incidentally rubbernecking a tiny bit as well.  Going down the hill, couldn’t see much.  Coming back up, saw a huge great plume of smoke between the houses.  There’s clearly a nasty fire going on.  Two tenders and an ambulance in attendance.  The crackle of radios.  No sirens, not in the middle of the night, but engine noises as they pump water, and louder than that, but still unintelligible, the sound of the radio. Not actually crackling, but an urgent conversation between a woman and a man.

I could see about 8 firemen in full gear including breathing apparatus storming the house.  Huge amounts of white smoke billowing out of an open window.

The detail that really surprised me was the water streaming down the hill.

Hope everyone’s OK.

And maybe I’ll take P’s worries about smoke alarms a bit more seriously.

5 comments on “Fire!

  1. niles says:


    12:00 – 12 April 2006
    Police are investigating a fire today that left one person dead and a house badly damaged.

    Firefighters went to the building in Sherwood, just after 3am.

    It is the second fatal house fire in a week in Nottingham.

  2. Leigh says:

    Please tell me you immediately went out and did whatever you needed to do to allay P’s worries about smoke alarms. This is one thing that you simply CANNOT afford to ignore!

  3. niles says:

    Oh, we *have* smoke alarms. *bitter laugh*.

    One of them goes off when I cook bacon. The one in the old house used to go off when I showered.

    The current bone of contention is the one that beeps randomly in the middle of the night, even though we’ve changed the battery several times.

    We have a new one, just waiting to be installed. There’s still one downstairs.

    In the meantime, P keeps unplugging things, just in case.

  4. Rob F says:

    Took me two weeks to replace the battery in my smoke alarm recently – not good.

    A smoke alarm that beeps randomly in the night? Did you ever see the episode of crap US sitcom Friends where Phoebe’s smoke alarm refuses to die? One of the few episodes that made me crack something more appreciative than a scowl 🙂


  5. niles says:

    I used to get in trouble for taking the battery out deliberately when it went off when I was in the shower and not putting it back for weeks at a stretch.

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