So, new car

After this month’s various unreliabilities, I’m starting to think seriously about replacing my old car.

Where do you start when it comes to buying a car?  I have some vague ideas what I want — smaller, definitely, and with an engine that makes it cheap to insure and tax.  There have been times when having a huge great estate car has been handy, but not many.  And I’m not moving house again! Three doors, hatchback is probably enough. A convertible like my brother’s might be nice, but I don’t want to pay the premium to insure it.  It needs to be nippy on the motorway, but doesn’t need to so dangerously oomphy as the 1.9L Vauxhall hire car was.

I really don’t care what make or model it is so long as it works, and is comfortable.

And ideally,

  • is green
  • has a decent radio / MP3-CD player, and the luxury of more than one working speaker
  • has a handy thermometer to tell me the outside temperature

My parents have a Yaris each.  I was impressed by a co-councillor’s Peugeot two-oh-something.  R’s new Micra is quite nice.  I like the shape of the new Polo (which has really come on since Mum had one in the early 90s) although my nearest VW dealer doesn’t have any second hand green ones. The new Fiesta is much nicer than the old one.

Decisions, decisions.  Back burner.

7 comments on “So, new car

  1. Iain Dale says:

    having had 9 Audis, can I recommend a nice forest green Audi A3… Hugely reliable, nice to look at, comfortable, good size boot, sleek, and far more street cred than a Micra. A Micra? you cannot possibly have one of those. You have to be at least 60…

  2. niles says:

    Bloody hell — looking at Audi’s website, that’s about three times what I want to spend, and it *starts* at a 1.6 litre engine. Sorry, Iain, but I’m looking at the small car end of the range, 1.2, 1.4 max engine size. There’s no way I can afford to run a car that big from tax and insurance points of view, let alone consumption. My street cred will just have to suffer, I’m afraid.

  3. Leigh says:

    I was about to say go see my brother at Reg Vardy near the Showcase and he’ll sort you out…except they’ve promoted him and he now manages the Citreon dealership in Stoke…probably not very helpful…

  4. JonXYZ says:

    My car of desire is the new Honda Civic…depends how much you want to spend though…they also of course do the ultra green hybrid option too…but it costs more.

    Honda’s do tend to hold their value well though and are very reliable…

  5. niles says:

    Ooh, Leigh, contacts — always helpful.

    Jon — How many oddment holders does the Civic boast?

  6. Tabman says:

    Alex – Ford Focus, one of the 1.4l ones. I’ve been impressed every time I’ve hired one. [My car is a rather thirsty estate – the joys of 2.4 kids … ]

  7. niles says:

    Hmm. I didn’t realise the Focus came with that small an engine. I certainly don’t think of it as a small car.

    I agree they’re nice to drive — my driving instructors all used them, so I’ve driven quite a few less-than-6-months-old Focii.

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