Young MPs

Discussion on a private Lib Dem forum on Cix reveals the following facts about the 2005 Parliament.

The five youngest Lib Dem MPs in the House are:

  1. Jo Swinson, East Dunbartonshire (05/02/1980)
  2. Julia Goldsworthy, Falmouth and Camborne (10/09/78)
  3. Dan Rogerson, Cornwall North (23/7/1975)
  4. Sarah Teather, Brent East (01/06/1974)
  5. Jenny Willott, Cardiff Central (29/05/1974)

Four of the five are women.

We have the youngest MP in Scotland (Swinson), Wales (Willott), and Cornwall (Goldsworthy). All are female.

Sarah Teather, who became the youngest MP when she won the Brent East by-election in 2003, is just pipped at the post from being the youngest English MP by Andrew Gwynne who is three days younger. Goldsworthy and Rogerson are younger than Gwynne, but would they consider themselves English MPs?

Rogerson’s date of birth is given on Wikipedia as 23/7/75 but 26/6/70 in a less public place.

7 comments on “Young MPs

  1. Iain Dale says:

    what a fascinating discussion! Have you also been discussing watching paint dry?!

  2. niles says:

    Oh, Iain, Iain — of all the barbed comments about age you *could* have made, you had to go for that one!

  3. rintintin says:

    Labour MP Andrew Gwynne, Denton and Reddish (03/06/1974) is three days younger than Sarah Teather.

  4. niles says:

    Thanks rintintin I’ll edit my post accordingly and pass on the info.

  5. Simon Jerram says:

    Had no idea Andrew was younger than me. He represents my parents. Well where they live anyway.

    Isn’t Julia Goldsworthy the youngest English MP, unless you’re a Cornish nationalist…

  6. Peter Black says:

    It seems that Dan Rogerson is younger than both Willott and Teather making him the second youngest English MP after Julia Goldsworthy.

  7. niles says:

    Oh, um, well spotted Peter.

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