Treasure Island

I think my chapters for Treasure Island on are being podcast at the moment — Saturday’s and Monday’s editions are the ones I did.

My Yarr! pirate voice for Long John Silver really made my throat hurt at the time, and one listener has written to me to query whether I pronounced the author’s name correctly.  I’ve always thought he was Robert “Looee” Stevenson, but some others have said Lewis.
I should be recording right now. I’ve signed myself up to a record number of projects, all detailed on my podcasting page (at least they should be).  The enthusiasm is there, if the time a little short.

But the key thing stopping me right now is, erm, phlegm.  I’m bunged up, and you can hear it when I record.  And I have to stop every few minutes to clear my throat.  Urgh. I feel fine otherwise, apart from occasional achey throats.  And on the rare occasion when I have to use my voice extensively (training last weekend, for example) it gets raspy quickly.

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