Google searches

Someone found a post from last June by googling “help me, I’m starving”

I’m intrigued. You’re starving to death, so what do you do? You google ‘help me I’m starving’ then click through the pages of results until you end up three pages in on link number 21, and you click my review of Midland Mainline catering?!

At least a kind commenter (and one who felt the need to stress hir anonymity) has reassured me about all the hundreds of people questioning my sanity by googling “niles crazy” were looking for the song Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley. I’ve no idea if the song is any good, but the name Gnarls is fantastic.

In writing this, I have just popped along to Wikipedia to see if explains ‘hir’ (It does: hir is here) and it has the wonderful phrase

For example, if you believe in a transgendered deity

I don’t think I’m going to research that one any further.


Today, after nearly a year of working in this office, I discover that the hot tap in the kitchenette works.  For some unknown reason, I’d assumed that because there wasn’t a hot tap in the loo, that the hot tap in the kitchen wouldn’t work either.  I was boiling a kettle for washing up when an orqueuse de vache pointed out this was not necessary.

I regret to say that in the year I have been working here, this was the first abortive attempt at washing up.

Horace update

Horace died last week.

He crawled into the bathroom, then back out.

Then he decided to set up camp on the doorframe.

The next time someone closed the door, he got mashed.

Out, out brief candle, etc.

Upgrade — spare MySQL DB

I’ve upgraded my account with Dataflame to give me a lot more space to host files when I make Librivox recordings.

The first four files of the Invisible Man are uploading now.

But a side effect of the upgrade is I am entitled to a second MySQL database on my website, rather than limited to the single one that sits behind in the background running the WordPress program that is this blog.

What shall I do with this unexpected richness of databases?

Something exciting and technological?  I could have my own wiki!  But I don’t know what I would use it for.  I could have a third blog (after this one and the blogger-based, sometimes fragile Jokes blog that receives all the e-mailed funnies I forward.)  I could set up a council blog or a ward blog aimed at constituents rather than my immediate circle of friends.  I could have a trial run to see whether I could make WordPress run — a website I’ve neglected for a long time now.

Hmmm.  Think I’ll sleep on it.

Baron Niles

A new Lib Dem peer!

The “Elect the Lords” campaign is highlighting some dodgy statistics concerning new Labour and the House of Lords:

“17 out of the 22 individuals who have donated more than £100,000 to the Labour Party in the past few years have received an honour; all but one of the individuals who have donated more than £1m have received a peerage. This is unacceptable in a modern democracy.”

“In nine years, Tony Blair has appointed more than 300 life peers – 50% more than any other Prime Minister in history. “

At they are selling virtual peerages at bargain basement prices in order to fund their campaign.

I am now Baron Niles of Nottingham. I’m still thinking about what my baronial motto should be. Any suggestions?

Spending the day recording

I’ve spent at least part of the day making new recordings of my next solo Librivox project “The Invisible Man” by H G Wells. I’m now about a quarter done.

After The Mysterious Affair at Styles was finished, I’ve been getting some rather touching and seriously flattering fan-mail.

I just finished to listen to the book and enjoyed it very much. You read clearly and you succeed to change the voices for different characters. I already gave the disks to a friend of mine who is addicted to audio books.

I just wanted you to know that your work is really appreciated.

I’m currently listening to The Mysterious Affair at Styles–bravo! You have a lovely voice, and what’s more, you’re an excellent reader. I’m thoroughly enjoying the book and look forward to hearing more of your recordings.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your Chrisie reading – your Poirot in particular was excellent! Thanks very much. 🙂

Have just come back from a trip to Nantes in our Camping Car (we live in France). The family as a whole enjoyed your rendering of the Mysterious Affair. Both our boys (aged 9 and 11) are great Poirot fans and were completely engrossed in the story – they admitted it was harder listening and imagining than watching on the TV.

As they are both totally bilingual, they especially enjoyed your “Belgian accent”.

Stuck in bed, feeling miserable and sorry for myself, I’m now listening to you. I thought you would like to know your work is appreciated.

Thank you to all my wonderful fans. I really love getting e-mail like this!