They're daffs!

We’ve been wondering for some time what the bulbs that are growing under our front window are.  Now they’re flowering, they seem to be a mix of ordinary and miniature daffodils, but there are some hyacinths in there too.  Lovely.  I was hoping for tulips.  I like tulips.  They’re very late — St David’s Day has been and gone and they’re not nearly fully in flower.

When not inspecting the garden, I’ve been wasting enormous amounts of time with some flash games on t’internet.  There’s a series of ‘escape from this room’ style games, starting with the Crimson Room and going on through Veridian to White and finally to Blue.  Apparently the ‘Pink Prison’ will be available soon.  Good puzzles to anyone with a sharp eye for detail.  I haven’t got through any of them without resorting to hints in various places.

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