Upgrade — spare MySQL DB

I’ve upgraded my account with Dataflame to give me a lot more space to host files when I make Librivox recordings.

The first four files of the Invisible Man are uploading now.

But a side effect of the upgrade is I am entitled to a second MySQL database on my website, rather than limited to the single one that sits behind in the background running the WordPress program that is this blog.

What shall I do with this unexpected richness of databases?

Something exciting and technological?  I could have my own wiki!  But I don’t know what I would use it for.  I could have a third blog (after this one and the blogger-based, sometimes fragile Jokes blog that receives all the e-mailed funnies I forward.)  I could set up a council blog or a ward blog aimed at constituents rather than my immediate circle of friends.  I could have a trial run to see whether I could make WordPress run www.gaynottingham.co.uk — a website I’ve neglected for a long time now.

Hmmm.  Think I’ll sleep on it.

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