My new car

My new car

Originally uploaded by nilexuk.

A sleek, black Vauxhall Vectral 1.9 diesel, 6 speed gear box, 9000 miles on the clock, 0 to $stupid in the blink of an eye, cockpit a sea of blinking microswitches is mine, all mine… until my M reg Skoda comes back out of exploratory surgery to find out why it’s overheating even since the new thermostat went in. I kinda understand why my insurance company don’t want me driving something like this, and I feel slightly nervous stewarding 12 grandsworth of car through 6 junctions of the M1. I’ve been driving unusually courteously. Must make doubly sure I don’t accidentally get locked in the bingo hall car park tonight. And you know, we might just be making an unnecessary day trip on Sunday!  Ooh, Mothering Sunday!


3 comments on “My new car

  1. Rob F says:

    Hmm. Looks decidedly “special branch”. Are you part of Emperor Ming’s detail? 😉

  2. Iain Dale says:

    Pity about the blue post growing out of the bonnet…

  3. Tiffs says:

    You tart!
    That is SUCH a tart’s car.
    You know have a choice between two alternatives: either repent or shout “I am a tart” from the rooftops.
    At least it’s a diesel.

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