This evening

I have mostly been stuffing envelopes.  Members’ newsletter.  Absolutely has to go out NOW because it includes details of Regional Conference on Saturday, and unless I get these envelopes in the post tonight, it will be too late by the time people receive it.  Luckily, in Nottingham, I have discovered from previous mailshots, that putting 200 envelopes in the main sorting office post box before 7pm means almost all of the ones with Nottingham addresses will get there by noon the next day, even if you use a second-class stamp.

Hemm, hemm.  Posting them after midnight won’t have the same effect, so it won’t be collected til Thusday night and delivered on Friday.  I don’t think many people from Nottingham Lib Dems will make it to conference in Northampton this time round.  I know there will be a few, because I’m driving them.  (Have you ever tried to get to Northampton by rail?  It’s very difficult from most other places in the East Mids. The Midland Mainline bypasses Northampton entirely, because the Victorian town fathers thought that a messy noisy railway was the last thing they needed.)

Group meeting helped, because I could get fellow councillors to help with the stuffing.  I’m very grateful for their efforts.  Unfortch, I forgot to take the postage with me, so had to bring the stuffed envelopes home to stamp myself.

It takes about 40 minutes to stamp all those envelopes. Co-incidentally, the length of time it takes to watch an episode of 24.  Another Incident at CTU. Oh, dear.

Checking my post at the Council, there was a letter and an invite from Ed and Russell, who are fighting council elections this year, and wondered if I’d like to help.  They put it a little more forcefully than “wonder.”  They included an invite to a swanky party and a reply form that gave various options from “I’ll dedicate my life to seeing you elected” to “Here’s a book of stamps, now F off.” I was in two minds — there’s a certain chutzpah in asking people to help with your election when many of the people you ask will be busy with their own.  But, don’t ask, don’t get.  I sent them the leftover stamps from the members’ mailing, and I’m seeing if I can make it down for the 11th/12th April for a few hours of off-peak time.  Maybe, maybe not.

Right.  Off to the post office with this huge stack of envelopes.


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