Niles @ Styles

My ‘Niles @ Styles’ project comes to its conclusion.

I have now recorded the entire book, Agatha Christie’s Mysterious Affair at Styles. I’ve edited the recordings into some sort of shape, all I have to do now is upload them to the librivox guys for further dissemination. And tag them so that my faithful listeners get their copies automatically.


6 comments on “Niles @ Styles

  1. hugh says:

    congrats! well done alex!

  2. FMP says:

    Sounds good. Chapter 4 is not all there.

  3. niles says:

    THanks, this is something that has been raised by others — unfortunately they have become corrupted on their way to

    I intend to fix the problem over the weekend, but in the mean time, there are files avaliable at to replace those on Librivox.

    Chapter 10 is similarly affected.

    Sorry for this!


  4. Anonymous in USA says:

    We’re VERY impressed with your perfromance, voices, inflection, accents, etc. You’ve done a GREAT job!

  5. Anne says:

    Just finished the Affair at Styles. Thank you, Alex. It’s like having you here in my living room reading the book to me. What did you mean by “faithful readers will receive their copies automatically”? How do I become a faithful reader?

  6. niles says:

    Hi Anne.

    The faithful readers bit is a reference to the fact that I tagged all the chapters using technology to create a podcast. Since I recorded chapters weeks apart, you could subscribe to my feed and download the chapters through a podcast as and when they were produced.

    However, since then, a few things have stopped me continuing with the feed. Firstly, my output for Librivox has slowed down because of moving house and minor IT crises. Secondly, I’ve only been recording odd chapters here and there. If I were podcasting just those, people would be getting random chapters from the middle of books. Not really very useful. Finally, I have a chronic shortage of webspace, so my files can’t stay in my space very long.

    I do try and keep the ‘Podcasting’ page relatively uptodate, if you do want to track down my chapters.

    I’ll be starting a new project — H G Well’s “Invisible Man” in the next few weeks.

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