I have had the word ‘disambiguate’ floating around in my head for about a week now. You would be amazed at how many chances I’ve had to slip it casually into conversation. Literally three. Seamlessly. And in only two cases did I get a filthy look. Lots of good big words at group tonight. Many of which I’ve forgotten already, but ‘antediluvian’ kinda sticks in the mind. Even if it wasn’t quite a nice thing for someone to say about my car when I was offering them a lift home.

I’ve also been trying to use the elephant gag for about the same length of time. No-one will play ball with me in conversation.

It goes like this: it’s raining. You don’t have a coat or brolly, so you say you’ll just have to do what elephants do when it rains. What’s that, enquires your hapless interlocutor (Ah, mish interlocutor…). Get wet, you respond drily.

How we laughed.


2 comments on “Words

  1. niles says:

    PS, what should you do if it rains cats and dogs? Watch out for poodles!

  2. Rob F says:

    OK. The Elephant joke was well endowed with humour. But the cats and dogs… ye gods.

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