That Bond Girl Thing

We’ve had this thang going, starting from random conversations, that certain phrases sound like Bond Girl names.

So, if you hear something in conversation that sounds like it could at a stretch be an entertaining Bond Girl name, you are duty-bound to point it out in the time honoured way outlined below.

The last post here mentioned marine debris, so that’s a good example to start with. You have to assume a bad Sean Sean Connery accent and say… “Ah, Mish Debris! Or may I call you Marine?”

I can’t take the credit for coming up with this, but I did introduce the idea to Umra who’ve had a little occasional fun with it.


2 comments on “That Bond Girl Thing

  1. […] Last night at high tide, the sea was forced against the sea wall and spray was shooting up to 30ft in the air. Eventually, there was enough water on the Promenade that there were waves ebbing over the tram tracks. (interestingly, water and waves are the same under predictive text). This morning, the tide was back out again, but left the tracks covered in marine debris (”Ah, Mish Debris“) like seaweed, and shells. « Off to Blackpool   That Bond Girl Thing » […]

  2. […] It goes like this: it’s raining. You don’t have a coat or brolly, so you say you’ll just have to do what elephants do when it rains. What’s that, enquires your hapless interlocutor (Ah, mish interlocutor…). Get wet, you respond drily. […]

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