(I’m writing this from my mobile, so bare/bear with me if it doesn’t quite work)

Coming from inland, the thing I like best in any seaside resort is the sea itself. Blackpool is no exception despite its many and various insalubrious attractions.

Last night at high tide, the sea was forced against the sea wall and spray was shooting up to 30ft in the air. Eventually, there was enough water on the Promenade that there were waves ebbing over the tram tracks. (interestingly, water and waves are the same under predictive text). This morning, the tide was back out again, but left the tracks covered in marine debris (“Ah, Mish Debris“) like seaweed, and shells.

4 comments on “Landlubber

  1. Rob Fenwick says:

    Had I not been so pooped at the end of each day, I would’ve enjoyed a decent walk along the prom – but I have to say that on most nights the prospect of a nice warm chair, drink in hand, was enough for me.

    We should never have gone to the London reception though… ouch! loud!

  2. niles says:

    Urgh — I was so receptioned out I forwent the Glee Club, and that’s not like me! I’m sure the tinnitus will eventually subside. I’ve never seen either CL or EW so drunk!

    I’ve spent so long walking up and down the promenade in inappropriate footwear, I’m covered in blisters. Oh, I should have taken sandals! Or trainers!

  3. I forwent the walking and used the trams between the Winter Gardens and the Imperial. Never had to wait more than 5mins and saved about 5mins on walking time. Also quite handy when lugging around camera gear.
    Best bit was when we did the Wed am photo op with CK down by the pleasure beach in a vintage tram. The driver had to get the tram back to the north so gave us an exclusive lift to the Tower. Had grannys waving and everything.

  4. niles says:

    Yes, I used the tram a lot too, both before and after I got my free tram ticket from the stand in the conference. I never got the hang of it in the middle of the night, though. The service ran really late, but I never quite trusted the tram that trundled past not to be the last one, so didn’t wait for the next.

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