Have arrived en Suisse for the UMRA bbq in Switzerland — I’m the guest of Gumrat Anne who is apologetic about slight piles of things in her house. If she only knew what my house looked like…

The road here was amazing — the “White Motorway” that takes you round and over and under the Jura mountains, before it eventually takes you on to Alps, although I’m not sure I’ve actually seen an Alp yet.

Sudden lakes, and huge viaducts are all par for the course, and it’s been tricky concentrating on the road when there’s such amazing scenery around.

Whistlestop tour of Switzerland planned for the weekend, through Geneva, Bern and Basel, and we’re having our barbecue at Ballenberg. At some point, massed ranks of umrats (people who read the Archers newsgroup) will be waving at the Basel webcams.

And I’ll upload new photos soon!


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