Speed limits

Here is my understanding of French speed limits

  • 50 km/h is basic urban speed limit, in force from when you see a town’s nameplate.
  • 30km/h applies in front of schools and in really twisty streets.
  • 70km/h is for country roads, up to 90km/h unless roundabouts, steep bends, etc approach.
  • Dual carriageways get to 110km/h and on the autoroute, if you’re in a car, have been driving more than a year, it’s not raining and you’re not not towing anything, you can get up to 130km/h (about 82mph).

Now, if I’ve got this right, why are the French always overtaking me? Driving aggressively behind me and flashing? I thought I was a bit of a speed demon, but I’m glad to see that obviously I’m not!


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