The software from says that if I want to lose 20kg by May then I need to eat fewer than 1,700 calories a day until then.

I’ve charted what I’ve eaten today, and despite it being complete rubbish, I seem to be on target. Achieved largely by getting up so late that I only ate two real meals. Worryingly, however, 20% of today’s calories came from Smarties. Damn that Xmas chocolate!

Tomorrow, the plan is an early start to go and check out Nottingham’s weekly car boot sale. We’re planning on trying our hands at making some money out of auld tat in the house by flogging out of the capacious boot of my Skoda Favorit GLXie. Vendors have to get to Nottingham Racecourse by 7.30am; you can start buying stuff by 8.30am. That’s an awful lot earlier than the average Sunday morning rising time for me. This week, just recceing. And not buying more tat. Oh, no.

3 comments on “Calories

  1. Leigh says:

    Did you succeed? there’s always something that catches your eye at these things…did you make any purchases?

  2. Niles says:

    Guess what: I didn’t get up in time. I was still watching CSI at 5am this morning, and troughing my way through today’s allocation of calories.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A good weights routine will burn off a lot of weight. Every pound of muscle you have eats about 60 calories a day. Provided you maintain a good weights regimen your body will eat off the fat supplies to feed new muscle growth, and you may even require more calories depending on how many extra pounds of muscle you put on. You can eat what you like, but the mass you gain will be muscle, so you’ll get stronger and leaner (as muscle is more dense than fat). It’s working for me anyway!Matt.

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