High winds tonight

The wind is blowing so hard direct on the window in my office as I sit here indulging my late-night CSI addiction that the curtains are moving and I can feel a draft. Still, I like windy weather. Makes driving tricky but makes walking — in true Skegness style — bracing.

Has been a while since I wrote anything down, so for the record, I had a lovely festive season. A quiet Christmas day in with Paul, who loved his main present, a chiming Westminster clock that’s kept him awake ever since. New Years Eve, I cooked an 8 course meal for the usual suspects I’ve been spending New Years Eve with since I nearly got us all killed by being moody over the 1999/2000 changeover. Before that I spent less than 24 hours with my parents in Leominster, and on New Year’s Day, and less than 6 with Paul’s in Chinnor.

Man, it starts raining fast in Las Vagas (CSI 1×18). And looks like piranha really can skeletonize a cow in 10 minutes (CSI 1×15).


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