Goodnight Seattle

I’ve just been watching the last few episodes ever of Frasier: Crock Tales and Goodnight Seattle — and I’ve had another inappropriate emotional response to a TV show.

I have a long history with Frasier, since it’s the show that gave me the internet pseudonym I’ve been using for the last seven years, since my second year in university. I’ve been google groping: a post about the age of consent debate in Parliament dated 1997-10-01 in has the signature

Why Niles? a) no-one can confuse my gender
b) David Hyde-Pierce (_Frasier_) is a hunk

In, I was confusing them by calling myself both ‘Niles’ and ‘Alex’ the May before: 1997-05-25:

It’s _Frasier_. The epnoymous radio psychiatrist and sophistocate Frasier has a rather dishy brother with a cute dimple called Niles. This is how I would like to project myself to people who haven’t seen the photograph on my homepage.

[Tsk! I was young and thin back then. And I couldn’t spell ‘sophisticate’]

I’d been on usenet for much of the previous year under various different monikers, but ‘Niles’ kinda stuck by summer 1997 and it’s been with me ever since, in my website, as you’ll know, dear reader; my username on countless websites and cix since 2001, and still, after all this time, on usenet.

I saw a lot of the show in university: for a long while, my Friday night routine, whilst my more boisterous co-tenants were drinking and womanising, involved splitting my time between the laundrette and the TV room in Broadgate Park. In latter years, I’ve hardly seen an episode.

Crock Tales has just skilfully recapped the last 11 years of Frasier, taking us back through the haircuts and the plot lines of the 90s, and it’s reminded me a bit of all those years. The Goodnight Seattle double episodes just rounded the whole show off nicely. I think it’s time to borrow some tapes and watch the, erm, 264 episodes from the previous years. Nothing like a grand projet for starting 2005 with…


One comment on “Goodnight Seattle

  1. Anonymous says:

    mym notes: I have the first two series on DVD, Niles…

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