A week passes

So, I’ve seen a few more films: we saw The Grudge at the flicks onWednesday: a few well signposted adrenaline rushes, the kind of nasty jump you know is coming but that makes you jump any how. It was our third choice film but everything else was sold out.

Last night was Predator, courtesy of LoveFilm. Didn’t know quite what to make of it — have always assumed it was in hardcore SF, but it seems to better fit generically speaking with army-buddy, Nam movies.

This weekend Paul’s in Cardiff visiting friends. Diary mix-ups meant I agreed to go leafleting this weekend and missed out on the trip to Wales — but did manage to be still in Nottingham when old uni friends came up for a visit. Which was nice. Paul phoned from outside the Cardiff Millennium Centre to let me hear massed voices singing Guide Me O, thou Great Redeemer. Not sure what the good people of Clover Green thought to hear their Lib Dem councillor singing a bass line into his phone whilst delivering leaflets.

I took delivery of a new computer and printer during the week; accessories should arrive on Monday. There is now a network of three computers on my desk — this has got to stop. The new computer has a problem with its network card and won’t connect at 100 speed, according to the blinky lights on my crappy router. The denizens of Cix, Out and the Acer call centre have pronounced: problem with onboard LAN. Acer want me to ship the machine back for repair, which might take 10 days. I think it might be easier to spend a couple of quid in Maplin for a new PCI NIC…

I signed up for SmartStamp despite my scathing review of it, and have been happily printing my own stamps for a few days. Paying for the privelege, of course.

This week I learned about Jainism from two sources: our new MP Parmjit Singh Gill mentioned in his maiden speech that Leicester has the only European Jain temple. Meanwhile in a conversation about dhals in cix:\gourmet, discussion on how some people didn’t like onion brought up the strict dietary habits of Jainism: eat no living thing. Including onions. Some Jains sweep the ground before them so they don’t accidentally tread on insects, and wear veils to stop flies going into their mouths. They are experts at cooking lentils.

Tony Banks has been rude about his constituents, according to a an interview on the BBC website
. Their complaints are “tedious in the extreme,” he says. Dealing with the correspondence that elected representatives get is a big job. I have a small amount of experience on MEP and MP casework, and of course I get some myself as a councillor. The council queries are of course entirely up to me; but I’m glad I’ve never been the key person responsible for fielding mountains of queries for representatives at higher levels. It has however been fascinating participating in the process. It does strike me as churlish to stand for election, and then complain about the mailbag that goes with holding public office. Answering letters and helping with people’s problems is a big part of the job.

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