Unanimity II

I posted a month ago that I’d sat through a full council meeting where we spent the day agreeing with other. I said then how unusual that was — but today, it happened all over again. All four parties agreed on every substantial bit of business at today’s full council.

They weren’t topics about to take lightly: some basic business in setting up consultation on renewing the city’s public drinking by-laws; reviewing the accounts following a discrepancy highlighted by the district auditor; changing our committee nominations because one of our councillors has taken on a directorship of the Arms Length Management Organisation looking after council housing in Nottingham. (Actually, I’ve done that too.)

And finally, a really weighty debate about the problems of gun crime in the city, rising directly from the murder of Danielle Beccan a few weeks ago.

All this taking place whilst campaigners for Fathers 4 Justice (a group a colleague in Wales has started calling Fathers 4 Misogeny) were staging a sit in on the roof of the Council House, having climbed up there on ladders at 3am the night before.

Busy day!


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