Legally Blonde

Just watched Legally Blonde for the first time. Had already seen LB-II, so it was nice to see a bit of Ursprung.

Afterwards, I cleaned out the fishtank, a job I’ve been putting off for, erm, months. Haven’t done it since we moved, which is four months. Took a surprisingly small amount of time. Maybe there’s a lesson here? “Prevaricating makes dull jobs easier”?

Was watching TV because there’s nothing to read in the house. I lost the most recent Private Eye tidying up for the landlord. There’s a Computer Shopper but I don’t want to open that right now. I finished Stupid White Men earlier (OK, but I preferred Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them: a fair and balanced look at the right.)

I’ve read all the detective fiction I own. Maybe I should get back on with reading E. David’s French Provincial Cooking: I’m not sure why I stopped reading that.

I’ve got plenty of Council reports to be getting on with, but somehow they don’t appeal.

I’ve got really bored with the internet recently: I’ve caught up with all my newsgroup and cix messages, read all the boards on, checked today’s Dilbert, looked at the witty people’s pictures on B3ta, and then I feel I ought still to be able to waste more hours out there. I really miss the days before IRC died.

Phoned the bank earlier to set up instalments to pay for this year’s choir tour: 25th Anniversary. We’re singing in St Paul’s Cathedral for a week. Can’t wait.

Bed, I spose. Will dig out E. David first.

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