Chinese Community

Today, the Chinese Community Association who are taking over the management of a community centre in my ward, had an open day for people who live nearby. There was Chinese food, Chinese film, a Chinese raffle, ear-bending Chinese karaoke, and a party atmosphere.

This gorilla was a raffle prize. Here he is in a bag getting ready to go home.

There was also a competition to see how many wet marbles you could pick up with chopsticks. Women and children had to do 10 to win a prize, but men had to get to 20. I couldn’t resist…

I eventually managed 23 marbles, but it’s trickier than you’d think. They were even threatening to put detergent in the bowl as well to make it even harder!

Coming home, I bought some more oranges from Mr Sheikh. I seem to be juicing hundreds of them but hopefully it’s good for me and hopefully the peels are good for the compost. We’ve also almost eaten one of the loaves already so they can’t be too bad.

Members’ newsletter… must lay it out tonight. Now!


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