I’ve decided to post some of the academic writing I did for my MA (2002).

Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure why I passed. I spent the summer I wrote my dissertation bricking it that the quality was not what was required for this level of qualification. After submission, I was very worried that I hadn’t, and it was quite a relief to finally find my name on the board after the appropriate interval.

The key skill I learned during my MA was using online abstract databases to find articles in academic journals. I had a whale of a time looking up zombie films and requesting scholarly slasher articles through interlibrary loans. You find the info, fill in the form, and a few days later severe looking librarians would hand you photocopies of gory screenshots. Very exciting.

It’s those bibliographies at the foot of the essay that might be of most use to academic writers following in my path, although I hope too you might find something worth citing in my own work. If you do make use of my writing or end up citing me in a footnote, it would be nice if you could please drop me a line.

EDIT 2015-06-20 an update to the theme has removed the automatic links, so here are the details

Clint Eastwood: No standardised manufactured personality

Crossfire, Bound and Double Indemnity: the homosocial and the homosexual in classic and neo noir

How did the second world war affect cinema in Nottingham?

Splatter and Society: Braindead and Killer Condom in context

My thesis: Heterosociality and Hollywood: the rise and rise of Rupert Everett


4 comments on “Writing

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  3. LA says:

    Listening to your 2006 libravox.org recording of “The Invisible Man.” Brilliant! I wish you read ALL of the books there! 😉

  4. frb says:

    Dear Sir,

    yesterday I listened to the first part of your “Invisible Man” (librovox).
    Very good, quite professional, good quality of the recording und a very good reading. I know audiobooks for sale which are by far not able cope with your work. Respect.
    I feel quite in the mood to try some recording myself.

    best regards from Germany

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