Pudding club: lemon posset with lemon shortbread

A rare occurrence – a term time pudding club – made possible because of a training day.

I made lemon posset with lemon shortbread, and we also took over one of P’s award-winning chocolate cakes.

Whilst the shortbread was a wee bit fiddly – and not properly cooked in the event – the posset is an incredibly simple but effective dessert. Three ingredients, made in less than five minutes, allowed to cool and then a few hours in the fridge. Yields a complex and tangy taste that is super delicious. A pint of cream yielded 7 filled reused pots.

Wikipedia reveals that whilst these days, a posset is a cold dessert, it was originally a warm drink of hot milk curdled by adding wine or ale. Hmmm, hot, curdled beery milk. Delicious!