Tweets on 2008-06-21

  • Off to Henley for a bit of by-electioneering and a Peruvian barbecue. #
  • Thinking Warwick services is an unlikely place to find the RNLI. #
  • Interested to hear National Rail considering high-speed rail links. #
  • Staining my arm interesting colours delivering newsprint leaflets in Towerley #
  • @rfenwick probably just as effective. Will wave at any train I see. #
  • Mystery package arrives while I’m in Henley. Postmark Swindon? #
  • Reluctantly acquiescing to a brief pub stop before dashing back to HQ for more leaflets. #
  • Bidding a fond farewell to all at by-election HQ and heading off with a final bundle of joy under my arm. #
  • Have turned so many corners on Thame’s answer to Wisteria Lane, i’m no longer sure where I am. #
  • Improvising travel rug poncho #
  • @thoroughlygood wasn’t me this week, sorry! #
  • Ooh, me acheing feet. I really need to get new shoes 😦 #

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Bloggers awards last night

A star studded evening last night in the Metropole as the great, the good and the fluffy and the stuffed attended the Lib Dem Blogger of the Year award. A presentation from self-styled blogging queen Lynne Featherstone (a title that was hot disputed amongst those present, not least Iain Dale.) A number of entertaining and post-watershed jokes from the lovely Alex Wilcock and a serious moment from our sponser Centre Forum. (Alex’s speech is here.)

Mark Pack made the interesting point that it was largely bloggers that pushed Chris Huhne so far in his leadership bid, and as a direct consequence, we could thank bloggers for the fact that the green agenda is so far up the Lib Dem’s priority list this September.

I think it goes wider than that, because a further result of the green agenda being promoted so strongly by us is that that other parties have noticed that there is a growing public interest in environmentalism. The Tories have jumped on board and have started even to talk about environmental taxation, which is a way away from traditional tax-cut conservatism.

So from blogs promoting one of the Lib Dem leadership candidates we can draw a direct link to an emerging, cross-party consensus on the environment. What a result!

Other fab things about the evening – the free booze, and when that ran out, we could pinch some of real-ale in barrels in the room next door, brewed by the people the bloggers will be visiting on Tuesday.

There was also a chance to meet Iain Dale, who I rather liked. It was noticeable that the large numbers of members of the press made a beeline for him past many of the rest of us. My interview with him should show up on in the fullness of time; and his interview with me (and with award winning blogger Stephen Tall and net guru Rob Fenwick) is already here. Note to self: try and avoid giggling when drunk. And other note to self: the pros doing the voice recording during the evening didn’t have particularly complicated kit – a good-looking mic and a mini-disc recorder. But they did take the time to find somewhere reasonably free from background noise.

My phone seems broken, so I can’t get the “Elephant in the Room” photo off it.

LD blog of the year

That nice Mark Pack just left me a welcome comment.

Most important fact in his post was a link to the place on the Lib Dem website where you can nominate people for the Lib Dem Blog of the Year award.

I popped right over and typed in the following:

I would like to nominate Liberal England

It’s a great blend – news of the day, liberal perspectives on current events, with some nerdy historical preoccupations occasionally. And Lord Bonkers every now and again is the icing on the cake. Best of all, although it’s detailed, and informed, and clearly its author has a huge knowledge base to draw on when he wants to, it doesn’t get to a weight of policy that makes it unreadable.

Now I see that nice Dr Pack also left a similar comment on — where? Liberal England. A post with a naked – naked! – appeal to be nominated! Well, he deserves it.

This post should very definitely not be considered an appeal to be nominated on my own behalf. I don’t think that would be appropriate for this blog. I’m only very seldom what you might call a Lib Dem blogger.

I’ve just been googling “mark pack” to see what comes up and see if there’s an appropriate link I can use for him, or something that would explain who he is to my readers who don’t know him. (He works for the Lib Dems, is a very talented and hard working guy who I have a lot of respect for.) Best is the eBay auto-ad

Mark Pack
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