LD blog of the year

That nice Mark Pack just left me a welcome comment.

Most important fact in his post was a link to the place on the Lib Dem website where you can nominate people for the Lib Dem Blog of the Year award.

I popped right over and typed in the following:

I would like to nominate Liberal England http://liberalengland.blogspot.com/

It’s a great blend – news of the day, liberal perspectives on current events, with some nerdy historical preoccupations occasionally. And Lord Bonkers every now and again is the icing on the cake. Best of all, although it’s detailed, and informed, and clearly its author has a huge knowledge base to draw on when he wants to, it doesn’t get to a weight of policy that makes it unreadable.

Now I see that nice Dr Pack also left a similar comment on — where? Liberal England. A post with a naked – naked! – appeal to be nominated! Well, he deserves it.

This post should very definitely not be considered an appeal to be nominated on my own behalf. I don’t think that would be appropriate for this blog. I’m only very seldom what you might call a Lib Dem blogger.

I’ve just been googling “mark pack” to see what comes up and see if there’s an appropriate link I can use for him, or something that would explain who he is to my readers who don’t know him. (He works for the Lib Dems, is a very talented and hard working guy who I have a lot of respect for.) Best is the eBay auto-ad

Mark Pack
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One comment on “LD blog of the year

  1. Mark Pack says:

    Hurrah! I can buy myself – no need for genetic cloning any more to get all the work done 🙂

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