Meal plan for w/c 7 October

Monday – we’ll be having the Mackerel potato salad held over from Friday when I was unexpectedly home alone. I always struggle more to eat healthily by myself.

Tuesday – a supermarket stir fry vegetable pack with a ready made sauce.

Wednesday – sausages with onion gravy and frozen veg

Thursdayleftover sausage pasta – something like the online recipe but I usually do it with red wine, making it heavy on the veg and very light on the pasta – a handful of pasta for the two of us.

Fridayroasted mushroom tart – something a little like this one from the blog Manda gave me the link for last week.

On Saturday we are going to Clarkies Supperclub – hit the link for the menu. I’m currently thinking salmon, venison, pear, but I could just as well manage duck, pork, apple… We have to be a little careful as there have been too many nights with the Clarkies where we are too piggy, and massively overeat, and end up barely able to move.

Tonight – French Living.

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