REVIEW: Win a copy of Rip it up!

Macmillan have kindly sent me two copies of self-help manual Rip it up – one to review and one to offer in a competition.

So if you leave a comment under this post, being sure to use your correct email address, I will draw names from a hat on Friday and get in touch with the lucky winner to ask where you want your copy sent.

The book is an interesting take on self-help and I guess they needed to send me two copies because, if you read the book and follow the instructions, bits of the book won’t be there for its next reader. The idea is that the book wants you to change your habits, and it starts out by getting you to change how you see books. Suddenly it’s OK to commit the most heinous book crime, and tear out a page!

The book is by Richard Wiseman, professor of the public understanding of psychology at Hertfordshire University, and once the initial task is out the way the (entirely readable) first chapter delves into the academic history of the theories the book is hoping you can use to change your life for the better. Following the exercises, it’s apparently possible to become a better, more productive thinner person. Imagine!

If you too want to become better, thinner, and more productive, remember to enter the competition by leaving a comment.


5 comments on “REVIEW: Win a copy of Rip it up!

  1. Abdul says:

    Today I finished listening to your recitation of The Invisible Man. I’d like to thank you for making the time pass quickly while doing my job.
    PS: I’m in no need to enter the competition

  2. Obviously I’m perfect but I’d like to enter the compo to see what everyone else needs to be doing to catch up.

  3. Kimbo says:

    I’m a big fan of Wiseman’s books, so always ready to try one more.

  4. Leigh Caple says:

    I would love to be thinner and more productive!

  5. Penny Mayes says:

    Not a book one is likely to find in the local library then… Does it have anything to say about books which have been on Mount Toberead for years?
    Always room for one more 😉

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