Cartoons for feedback #mfltwitterati

I’m planning a series of lessons feeding back on performance from recent assessments, and I’m wondering about how to get my students to pay attention to what I say.

I read a recent blogpost (but didn’t save the link, sorry!) that suggested cartoons might be a fun way to do it.

After a bit of googling, I’ve spent half an hour on ToonDoo creating a series of fun ways of looking at National Curriculum levels.

Level 4 in MFL ii

This is turning into a series of worksheets! Shout if you want me to share the completed work.

NB the “Check the box for examples” is so that I can do one set of cartoons for both languages. I can lay these onto an A4 sheet and then amend the surrounding boxes.

Here are two PDFs – one for L3 and on the second page for L4.

I’ve also created a CORN display – I now have a CORNwall in my classroom. Here is the Word document of the words I have up now.


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