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If I’d gotten around to doing Christmas cards last year, my newsletter would have had an acerbic comment about 2012 being the year in which I lost 10kg twice, this being sadly different from losing 20kg. It’s amazing how fast you can eat 10 kg back on – just over three months last summer for me.

But it is going back to coming off as these helpful badges from MyFitnessPal show:


MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

(As I write, the badges say 24 lbs lost, 36 lbs to go – conceivably the story could be worse or better if you are reading this a long time after January 2013!)

Going many, many days over Christmas eating only a few hundred calories a day because I felt so rough, helped no end, and finally, from a BMI point of view, tipped me from “obese” to “overweight.”

In addition to keeping tabs on my weight I am tracking some vital statistics with an old fashioned tape measure. And despite a fairly significant drop, the measurements I have taken (chest, waist and neck) have not gone down at all. And yet people have started making a point of telling me I look as if I am losing weight. Maybe it’s just because I’m wearing the bad suit I bought in a hurry that never really fit even in the dark days when I was over 100kg.

I’m losing weight because I take a very sensible, fruit and sandwich based packed lunch to school. I don’t tend to eat breakfast because I just don’t feel hungry at 6am, so my daily sandwich, apple, banana and graze box tend to get me to about 600 calories by 6pm, which leaves me loads in which to eat a sensible evening meal. Although there is a cake-selling canteen at work, it is easily avoided, so basically all I can eat is whatever I take with me. So long as I avoid pitstops on the journey home, which I do most days, we ought to be at target weight before the end of the school year.

I’ve also invested a little in gadgets and am currently wearing a Fitbit Ultra tracker (no longer on sale) which is helping me count steps every day, turning that into km walked, and also, thanks to a tiny onboard altimeter, it estimates how many equivalent flights of stairs I have climbed. I can also wear it at night on a wrist or ankle cuff and it tells me how well I slept and for how long. During flu days I have been sleeping for 18 hours plus. And newsflash – when I’m at school I am spark out within minutes of head hitting pillow and I stay fast asleep almost all night!

Liking the graphs and data I get from the tracker I also bought a set of wifi scales that wirelessly record my weight and percentage body fat, if I stand on them with bare feet. This is a needlessly fancy and expensive gadget. But I like it a lot. Which is more than I can say for any other set of scales. (I previously weighed in weekly or less often using the 20p scales at the supermarket)

The magic scales have once – ONCE – recorded a weight below 90kg in the last few days, but apart from that they have been, ahem, faulty.

I have also taken to calorie counting using MyFitnessPal, which is pretty awesome. A) it links seamlessly to fitbit’s data tracking. Standing on the wifi scales automatically sends my weight to MyFitnessPal too. B) it has the most complete food database I have encountered during quite a lot of experimentation. And it’s actually UK food! also C) the mobile phone app has a barcode reader that is also helpful!


3 comments on “Weight loss latest

  1. Dr_nick says:

    Myfitnesspal is great isn’t it? I recommended the barcode reading feature about 5yrs ago! =)

    I weighed myself on your scales, so that might explain your freak result; but I don’t weigh sub 90kg…

    • alexfoster says:

      Yeah, the scales are supposedly quite good at privacy. But if people who don’t have an account use them, I just get a thing that pops up that says GUEST – and their weight. So I know how heavy you were that morning!

      But the scales decided you were not either me or P!

  2. Mum says:

    losing weight easiest when ill!! Keeping it off, however…….:-( Keep going!

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