I can’t log into the TES! Grr! “redirect loop”

This has been going on for weeks now.

The Times Educational Supplement has fantastic resources for teachers – including the best job search system out there that got me all of my interviews and my NQT post.

It has loads of articles and blogs that are useful, and once you log in you can download other resources that teachers have uploaded, that can really help make your lesson planning quicker.

I get sent multiple links to the TES every day – I subscribe to their 50% helpful “New Teacher” mailing list (the other half is mostly about primary and mostly not applicable). I follow TESmfl on twitter, and they tweet about the crème de la crème of MFL resources – both individual activities and wider professional development suggestions.

And then I want to log in and search. Does anyone else’s scheme of work teach German prepositions in a town context? Apparently not, they’re all doing it in a bedroom context (the teddybear is ON the bed, the table is NEXT TO the door etc).

But at the moment I can’t get in! It’s extremely frustrating! Neither my Mac or my PC on my desk can log in. I can use my school laptop at school to do it, but not at home. Every time I get the Chrome error “This web page has a redirect loop” and the helpful suggestion to clear my cookies for this page.

I have googled until I am blue in the face, but cannot work out how to make Chrome clear the cookies for a single page. I’ve found a nice helpful setting to clear ALL the cookies, but that seems a little bit drastic.

I have tried firing up Indernet Exploder to do the work I need to, but that is now completely ghastly. It takes over half an hour to load, is festooned with weird toolbars that must have come in with games, and fires up so many different error and warning messages you start to wonder if you’re really wise to continue.

Aarrgh. Grrr. Any thoughts?


4 comments on “I can’t log into the TES! Grr! “redirect loop”

  1. Tom says:

    Ok, try:
    Chrome Settings (3 lines button, top right of screen)
    Show Advanced Settings
    under privacy, choose Content Settings
    Should have cookies, including ‘all cookies and site data’ from which you can search for tes and purge them.

    It won’t help with the tes resource search being hopless, but it should let you log in once you’ve found something via google.

  2. alexfoster says:

    Ah, brilliant! I can log in again!

    They don’t half hide the button you need deeply!

    Cheers, Tom. And yes, the resource search is hopeless.

  3. Excellent! Thanks Tom I’ve also had lots of problems with this.

    Very helpful!

  4. christine Smith says:

    i cannot log on to TES teacher resources – have reset password but all that comes up is I have been locked out help

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