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In my ill-advised post about off-colour jokes in the staffroom (which bizarrely came up almost the following day as an interview question – the theme in general, not that I had blogged it) I found myself on the thorny issue of capitalisation – Leaning Tower of Pisa or leaning tower?

I had tried the Guardian Style Guide online but not found anything substantive to help me out. Given the Guardian’s love of lower case letters for almost everything (pope, prime minister, parliamentary select committee, french windows, yorkshire pudding) I suspected they would plump for the lower case version of leaning tower of Pisa.

(Just checking their guide for capitalisations, at least three things made me laugh: “The difference between narrowboat and barge is important, particularly if you don’t want to get stuck in a narrow lock somewhere outside Birmingham”, the long section on Caesar, and “call girl: like “vice girl”, an old-fashioned term encountered only in the tabloids, where it is always the 1950s”)

A few days later, joy of joys, I discovered they had a twitter account. And not only that, they take requests and give answers! Despite me not having any standing to ask for help, they happily provide.

Which just leaves the question – is this the sort of issue on which I want to be guided by the Guardian?

3 comments on “Style guides

  1. Kathryn says:

    I misread ‘capitalisation’ as ‘capitalism’ the first time and the rest of your post had me very confused until I realised!!

  2. Capitalisation – the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a donkey, and helping your Uncle jack off a donkey.


    The Invisible Man is keeping me sane at a very boring factory job, many thanks!

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