Tweets on 2011-09-27

  • Resisting urge to stuff face at Gregs on way home. #
  • Gliding through the aisles like a Stepford wife (@ Sainsburys Arnold) #
  • Is that umrat Chris Harrison on #onlyconnect #
  • Ooh, now I'm on tenterhooks to know whether @willhowells meets @unsliced in the #onlyconnect quarter-finals #dividedloyalties #
  • @unsliced phew. Some total bastard questions, you had this week. Nailbiting missing voles round. in reply to unsliced #
  • @unsliced @willhowells also, a q: where is the telly the teams watch with the questions on? Not visible from the longshots! in reply to unsliced #
  • @centre_alt_tech how about retrofitting? Have been putting off solid wall insulation for years for fear of disruption. in reply to centre_alt_tech #
  • Ooh, next year's choir tour is to Lincoln. Can we commute, I wonder. #
  • @unsliced @willhowells quite right too! I thought Fatherland would come up, but only once you'd planted the seed. in reply to unsliced #
  • Let me just check – tomorrow's Friday, yeah? #
  • Woke up to news of sunshine and heatwave, so put washing out. In last hour, thick cold fog has rolled in. #
  • Ach, my bag has gotten so heavy đŸ˜¥ #

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