Tweets on 2011-09-19

  • Trying to make three meals at once, and getting a little confused. #
  • Louder than usual thump on conservatory roof. Cat just tried to jump up through closed first floor window. Hard, getting used to Autumn. #
  • Just wandered through the kitchen where #bbcr4 is on, heard a posh man say, "You couldn't really imagine Alec Guinness having a sex life." #
  • @10anta ah, bless. No Winkball this time? Anyone tape the #ldboty in reply to 10anta #
  • Tickling the thermostat because putting on another jumper won't help dry laundry (I tell myself…) #
  • @10anta a good hotel full English breakfast should provide more than that! in reply to 10anta #
  • @JChris_J yup, and tomorrow, 300 people who between them have been exposed to all the 5 yr olds in three counties, will all be in one room! in reply to JChris_J #
  • @10anta wuss! in reply to 10anta #
  • @wardiecj nope, unlikely to be at conf again any time soon. in reply to wardiecj #
  • Well, here goes. (@ Jubilee Campus – University of Nottingham) [pic]: #
  • Lots of hanging around today. Should have brought some on-topic reading. #
  • Not least because I got here at 9am not 1015, just to see what the early buses were like. #
  • Education building. Lots of signs up about how to make the automatic doors work. #notagoodsign #schoolforthegifted #
  • @wardiecj teacher training and future lack of term time availability in reply to wardiecj #

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