Tweets on 2011-09-12

  • RT @ChristofHughes: @alexfoster on your recommendation, have sampled and purchased Lord Alexander's Cipher. Wife loves it as well. Thanks! #
  • RT @qikipedia: For sources and more factoids about this week's episode of QI, check out our 'Guide to QI' here: #
  • RT @Psythor: ?! RT @rbhinkley For no particular reason I just did a drawing of @psythor doing a @PodDelusion recording: #
  • @Psythor that's awesome – it should be the new iPod sleeve art! in reply to Psythor #
  • Waiting for the ice cream van to leave the street so I can type the exciting final chapter of Chasing the Dragon #
  • Forecaster Predicts Early Winter Snowfall – buy your thermals and snowshoes now! #
  • Doing the @libdemvoice members' survey. And surprising even myself on how many "Don't knows/No opinions" I'm registering. #
  • And now… homemade chicken pie. #
  • @SophWheeler you have a cellar AS WELL?! in reply to SophWheeler #
  • @poddelusion I'm not sure I approve of you featuting people. in reply to poddelusion #
  • Mmmmm. Sherry. How fortunate I am that sweet own brand sherry is both a) delicious and b) cheap. #
  • @bykimbo ten year anniversary of QI! in reply to bykimbo #
  • RT @CllrIainRoberts: Wondering which awards ceremony you should host this week. Try <<< groan! #
  • Apple pulled pork à la @wotchers in the oven on a timer ready to come on at breakfast time tomorrow. #
  • I swear, since we started watching Modern Family, the cats have been doing asides to camera behind our backs. #
  • Wow, a single chart of evolution, with 4,000 million years on it. #
  • Piñata for cats #
  • Last night, I read for pleasure, for 6 hours. Tonight, academic reading. Needing more breaks, f'sure. #
  • And one day, I might even get around to reading during the day! #

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