Tweets on 2011-09-10

  • @Meryl_F 😦 ah, dear 😦 in reply to Meryl_F #
  • @Meryl_F at least that means it's a real person, rather than a chat robot. in reply to Meryl_F #
  • @prateekbuch @psythor yup, deffo Zoom H2. But practice using it first. Never actually got my line-in to work. in reply to prateekbuch #
  • @prateekbuch @psythor affordable? All the 2006 LDV podcasts, including Nick Robinson, were made with a cheap digital dictaphone. #
  • So, my parents' cat, who arrived just after I was on German exchange at school, didn't quite make it to 20 years old 😦 #goodinnings #
  • Ooh, my conference badge has a sparkly Lib Dem hologram security feature. Still not going. #
  • @prateekbuch @psythor that's always good in theory but I've never made it work. We use the Zoom to record whole meetings separately from PA. in reply to prateekbuch #
  • RT @BitterCoffey: Apparently there's something called a "twittclass" for people learning #French …? #
  • Small, midweek shop #myarse (@ Sainsburys Arnold) #
  • RT @binny_uk: RT @wowser: Ask yourself: "Is there a naked owl in my bathroom?" Don't wait for the hooting – CHECK. #
  • Funnest thing about ringing for weddings is walking through the baffled, betogged groomsmen in jeans and tshirt. #
  • Taking in bag o'books #decluttering – ended up being given #outadate fairtrade pineapple. (@ Oxfam) #

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