Tweets on 2011-09-08

  • @Psythor one specially for you in reply to Psythor #
  • @tweetminster It's not Guido making the claim it is Bell's local newspaper. in reply to tweetminster #
  • Postman comes with my magazines: Liberator and the magazine of Assoc for Language Learners. (Inc Francophonie and Deutsch Lehren u. Lernen) #
  • I can't see "Irene" (as in hurricane) written down without hearing it as spoken by Patricia Routledge in Ladies of Letters. i-RENE. #
  • @jamesgraham @UnlockDemocracy so it turns out some MPs DO need to be made to work harder. Who knew? in reply to jamesgraham #
  • I haven't so much turned the heating on, as left the heating on the thermostat all summer. Just now, the house is starting to fall below 18. #
  • @owenblacker @cr3 @Rackspace yebbut… did they drop prices? Is that WHY they're expensive? 🙂 #missingthepoint #knowingpriceofeverthing in reply to owenblacker #
  • Gah. I'm supposed to be being productive today, and yet somehow @ramtops has me googling crumhorn fingering and hoping nothing rude pops up #
  • (@prateekbuch) I don't usually *Read* Liberator, it just goes onto the periodicals pile 🙂 in reply to prateekbuch #
  • RT @miltonline: I have #
  • @alixmortimer I'm sure no-one would mind if you just had a leeeeeetle sherry. in reply to alixmortimer #
  • @alixmortimer *pokes dainty finger out and slurps genteely* #
  • The story says Mad Nads "stormed out" – but the video clip seems to show her chuckling along at the joke? #
  • Restaurant Zest wants to be your friend on Foursquare. Er? Not sure that's how it works. WE go the VENUES. They don't try and friend us! #
  • Can't even see the name Ted Haggard without thinking "is completely heterosexual" (Gay Homophobe #
  • Ever since ill-advisedly following a link by @alixmortimer (despite the warning) I've been humming "moon cup dot com!" to the card ad tune. #
  • Alan Titchmarsh rang his first quarter peal (Campanophile) #
  • So, does anyone want an atticful of old Lib Dem conference policy papers before I recycle them? #
  • @catofstripes hah! we made that at school in Home Ec once, and for years I thought that's what pizza was! in reply to catofstripes #
  • @catofstripes mmmm pizza. #
  • RT @warrenellis: Bachmann: "if we burned sinners for energy, we could create 1.2 million new pre-Rapture jobs" #
  • That's strange. I've gone from "too full to move" to "hungry" after reading about Blue Peter Scone Pizza #

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