Photos: third attempt at pear and chocolate tarte

Sadly the middle attempt looked a little better than the first and third, but hopefully our guests will be so blotto by dessert it won’t matter all that much.

Recipe here, and the improvements I made last time were definitely worth repeating – ie make a vanilla mascarpone and rather than glazing the tarte with apricot jam, slightly reduce the spicy red wine used to poach the pears, and paint that on with a pastry brush.

Third attempt at this tarte. Prettier than first, but not as pretty as second.


Tarte borguinione

It’s one of the last weekends before term begins, so we are having a little soirée and I’ve gone completely over the top with the food.

  • Peach Kir royale on arrival
  • Canapés – roasted tomato tartlets and fig and goats cheese mini-croissants (*)
  • Chicken liver mousse topped with parsley jelly with home made bread
  • Pulled pork with mustard mash and green veg (*)
  • Pear and chocolate tarte
  • Coffee with home-made after dinner mints, earl grey truffles

In a sign of how badly behind with my reading I am, the starred recipes are inspired by September Olive magazine. That’s September, 2010.

The earl grey truffles are recovered from the hateful ganache made to top the awful cake I made last weekend that no-body apart from me would eat. Half of it went into work with P and has been eaten by his colleagues, and I ate the other half myself.

Cooking for dinner parties is so much more fun a) without a camera crew and b) when you can spread it out over several days.


3 comments on “Photos: third attempt at pear and chocolate tarte

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