Tweets on 2011-08-14

  • Early bride. Best kind. (@ Daybrook St Pauls) [pic]: #
  • @owenblacker @sunny_hundal cracking post on that topic scheduled on LDV for Monday 🙂 in reply to owenblacker #
  • David Blunkett on radio, and "I'm touching wood as I speak." Euw. Unwanted mental image. #
  • Third time to supermarket this week – all because I didn't do a mealplan. #
  • Clegg might not have said anything newsworthy in Leicester, but he made front page of Nottingham Post #
  • Have just been introduced to the Nisbets catering supplies website. I may be some time #
  • Oooh. Chef's crocs. Oooh. Special Chef's buffs. #
  • @MathewHulbert @stephentall I was referring to tweet from Leics Merc reporter in reply to MathewHulbert #
  • Ooh, recrudescence – there's a word and a half. | The Economist #
  • RT @TheOnion: Excited Military Can Hardly Wait To Start Asking, Telling #OnionReview #
  • Dear all, there will be a Pod Delusion Live in Leicester on Tuesday, at which you can hear my thoughts on the topic Personal Hygiene. #
  • Please, no sniffing in the front row. Who do you think I am? Mr Smellytweet? #
  • @MrMilktray Square Bar, 7.30pm, Tuesday. Live recording of : speakers, questions, alcohol… in reply to MrMilktray #
  • Good grief. It's almost impossible to google "The Square Bar, Leicester" without getting answers on bars in Leicester Square. #
  • @modernbutterfly she'd only waste it. in reply to modernbutterfly #
  • Eh? the #bbcr4 service has a tiny neat choir singing Be Thou My Vision to the tune of Lord of all Hopefulness. #
  • Very poor night of sleep. Late dinner, Laura Norder marathan, then reprise of the "dress rehearsal but I don't know the lines" dream. #
  • "If it were straight up Rocky Horror, I'd've known the lines before we started, but you had to rewrite it." #transvestiteflounce #dream #
  • All the best dreams – even the anxiety dreams – have a #transvestiteflounce #
  • @Meryl_F it's the words to that saccharine Chilcott anthem you liked – in reply to Meryl_F #
  • Two lots of service ringing this morning. Get me! (@ St. Peter's Church) #

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One comment on “Tweets on 2011-08-14

  1. Sarah Swindell says:

    I discovered Nisbets chefs supplies a while ago. It made me want to buy stuff I could never use… I hadn’t hankered after a bain marie before, but it was lovely and shiny.
    I bought some bourgeat pans instead. also shiny

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