Tweets on 2011-08-11

  • A slide for adults in a hurry to catch their train. #
  • Add this one to the list of funny signs promoting gay marriage. #
  • @meerkatmartin who do you think you are, Dan Snow? 🙂 in reply to meerkatmartin #
  • The list that @nottspolice has just run is scary, much of it very close. My street still safe and quiet. #
  • @lucyhg yeah, sorry just turned on laptop and it posted tweet from last night. I meant the list of tweets roundabout midnight. in reply to lucyhg #
  • Sorry last tweet referred to list of tweets @nottspolice ran overnight. Just rebooted laptop. #
  • @Meryl_F apparently 🙂 in reply to Meryl_F #
  • What is it with insurance companies and bad puns. Morethan Freeman?! #
  • Saw a recipe in Sainsburys mag at checkout coupla months ago, does anyone have a copy? Choc mint pots made with fresh mint, pretty layers. #
  • RT @alixmortimer: I suppose what we have to remember is that many of these people are too disenfranchised to have CiF. #
  • @cupofbeans you mean apart from Amazon? in reply to cupofbeans #
  • Watching CSI. Had no idea it was "petit larceny" had always just assumed petty. #
  • @catofstripes @ramtops *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *grunt* *pop* Hooray! *glug* *glug* *chink* in reply to catofstripes #
  • Wow. Spectacularly poorly targeted spam gets my surname wrong and invites me to be in who's who for a town nowhere near me. #
  • RT @maggiephilbin: RT @banksybanks: @Glinner my favourite riot typo was on Sky News subtitles: 'Man injured after being attacked by writers' #

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