Tweets on 2011-08-05

  • Lots of mosquitoes in Leominster – getting bitten every night. #
  • Garlic-free diet not helping on the mozzie front either, perhaps Fri night curry will put them off 🙂 #
  • @tom_geraghty yeah hardly anyone got transported either! in reply to tom_geraghty #
  • @lucyhg @afoodiesdiary galettes aren't pastry, they're pancakes made with buckwheat flour. in reply to lucyhg #
  • @afoodiesdiary @lucyhg yeah, I later remembered they're also sometimes biscuits. in reply to afoodiesdiary #
  • Knew I could rely on Leominster Priory ringers for being a new source of filthy jokes 🙂 #
  • @jamesmcgraw perhaps just one foot is getting fat? in reply to jamesmcgraw #
  • RT @Orcs turns out TfL spent more money digging lift shafts and then filling them in again than the UK spends on space exploration… #
  • Hated Chilcott. Will passive aggressively sing "Great heart of my heart" as grey tart of my heart. #
  • @NGHodder debate been raging for 20 years! in reply to NGHodder #
  • Have discovered that if you sit in the right place on Hereford Cathedral green, you can steal wifi from a chain pizza restaurant. #
  • @FatzBurger @jamesmcgraw eh what? Oic. in reply to FatzBurger #

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