Tweets on 2011-07-23

  • @willhowells my cyclist violence fantasy is usually limited to an umbrella in the spokes. in reply to willhowells #
  • @willhowells however, I'm totes down with using a bazooka on people who drive with the radio too loud. #zerotolerance #
  • RT @journodave: An incredible picture of Oslo city centre. Huge amount of damage done. #
  • Yet again, @journodave is first in with the news, which is why I have recommended him as #ff in the past. What day is it today, again? #
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for French and German language tweeters who are fun to follow? #
  • Best serious language learning tip I was ever given was "read what you normally read, but in the target language." #
  • @dbelbin hope you have backups! in reply to dbelbin #
  • RT @centre_alt_tech: We're also on google+ if you prefer your social networking google style. Add us here: #
  • I'm at Starbucks (Sainsbury's, Castle Bridge Rd, Nottingham) #
  • Don't worry quite dare check twitter or #bbcr4 news for fear of worsening atrocities from Oslo and/or Kay Burley. #
  • On the first day of the school summer holidays, frost is forecast. #
  • Have installed SwiftKey X. Which has its own version of unpredictable text. Sorry for any strange phrases as I acclimatisationalatify. #
  • @austinrathe hear Paddick talking about how much actual marriage meant to him during the equal marriage conf debate: in reply to austinrathe #
  • Hums… no, you can't hurry bread, no you just have to wait. #
  • This bear really needs to be more careful with his lightsabre. #

  • Ooh, that's good-looking dough. #
  • Wait, what? Second proof is an hour and a half? How did I miss that the first time I read recipe? Is there any hope for sleep tonight? #

  • These are already swelling quite convincingly. Trick is to get them in oven before they spread sideways. #

  • Burger baps looking good too. Nearly time to put oven on. Will I ruin everything at final hurdle? #
  • Most of the bottles on the kitchen counter really oughta go back to the drinks cabinet. It's not like we use them every day. #
  • Micro nuggets of dough inseparably sticking to my arm and hand hair. #

  • They look pretty awesome. Done 10 mins early. But are they raw in the middle? #
  • @journodave holy crap, that's awful. in reply to journodave #

  • And that's the onion / celery seed hotdog buns out of the oven too. And so to bed. #
  • OK, maybe a tiny sip of sherry before bed. #
  • Ooh, missed my 13000th tweet. And I have exactly 700 twitter followers. I love you all. (well, apart from you, obviously) #

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