Tweets on 2011-07-22

  • @ianvisits similar to amazeballs. HTH. in reply to ianvisits #
  • Lib Dem exec. Standing room only to discuss 5 year fundraising plan. (@ Lenton Methodist Church) #
  • We're going not going to discuss boundary changes tonight as we're running out of time #halleluia #
  • I have two custards in the fridge that need turning into icecream! #
  • Oh god nooooo! We're talking about boundaries! #stopitatonce #
  • RT @jamesmcgraw: How many relieved people does it take to change a light bulb? Phew. #
  • RT @Psythor: RT @danjordan: Happy π approximation day: 22/7 #
  • RT @timprater: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to register for Lib Dem conference online. #
  • @NGHodder B&Q do indoor stuff too, like paint. in reply to NGHodder #
  • @Psythor I totes chickened out of going back to university to talk about "what I have done since graduating" to postgrads. in reply to Psythor #
  • @Psythor or "What I did with my MA in Film Studies – sweet FA" #
  • @Psythor aren't students the worst people to bullshit to? Stick to the safe ground of disintermediation. in reply to Psythor #
  • Must shortly step away from the computer, but before I do, today's Dilbert is a corker. #

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