Tweets on 2011-07-18

  • @Alexander_Ball "didnt' vote for him last time, won't vote for him next time." (but didn't they fly in then?) in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • RT @willhowells: Website bank scam emails have got a bit tongue in cheek when the From emailing address is #
  • Where 500g branflakes cost more than 750. (@ Sainsburys Arnold) [pic]: #
  • Undertaking surprisingly epic search for Dime bars. #
  • @LeeBinding *grits teeth* kancel kerismass. in reply to LeeBinding #
  • Cats: prepared to steal cheese out of sandwich you're actually currently eating; not prepared to eat cheese if you put in their bowl. #
  • Blackbird on patio stealing blueberries from bush before standing in front of vine, head on one side, going "Hmm… grapes not quite ready" #
  • I was trying to alternate doing chores with doing fun things, but it all seems to have boiled down to #socmed #timewasting. To the hoover! #
  • (I haven't really gone to the hoover) #
  • tells you if there are words in your phone number. For mine, it is coming up wit 79 – WOP CLOG. Which is… unfortunate. #
  • @StefJoynson um happy birthday, and sorry for lack of card #
  • @tipexxed I invited ya. You'll probably be deluged with invites. in reply to tipexxed #
  • @Alexander_Ball did you see my posts last year? Unblogged finale was – starter started to stink and got chucked ! in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • Undressing into the washing machine. Falling a long way short of the Levis ad. #
  • @Alexander_Ball are you starting from scratch or has someone given you something to start with? in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • I need a) an early night and b) to make a packed lunch for tomorrow. But packed lunches need homemade cake! #dilemma #
  • *lightbulb* – there's a banana loaf in the freezer. *pretending to be actually organised* #
  • @floatyhev would prob go rubbery by tomorrow? But big fan of mugcake! in reply to floatyhev #
  • Got early night but still barely slept and woken by hungry kittens 45 mins before ghastly early alarm. Time for eggs for breakfast! #

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