Tweets on 2011-07-15

  • RT @miltonline: Don't believe in miracles, you skeptic thing. #
  • @Psythor @jeffjarvis I use Gmail Delegation to have two accounts open at once, perhaps that would work for you too? in reply to Psythor #
  • Vince Cable on PM now! "I worried about the plurality of the media… I think everyone has now come to that point." #bbcr4 #
  • RT @simplegreentips: Pineapple Mojitos and 8 More Surprising Recipes to Make on the Grill ! from @Treehugger : #
  • @10anta vaguely works for me #eughimblind but #moreorless #equallyblindineacheye in reply to 10anta #
  • @10anta just put the manky plastic ones on over the top of your normal specs. Works fine, saves £300. in reply to 10anta #
  • I have to go to the pub tonight for Lib Drinks. Oh, the hardship. #
  • I'm just too full of spag bol and homemade low fat gelato to leave the house. #
  • Standing at bus stop, looking at the sky, wishing I'd got the washing in. And brought a coat. #
  • @sarabedford much less call for leaflets up here these days. in reply to sarabedford #
  • Finally made it. Big turnout. And apparently CAMRA are here somewhere too. (@ Fellows, Morton & Clayton) #
  • Clumsy fumble at the bar means my change is at the bottom of my pint. #

  • Pound in pint #
  • Can anyone point me at the LD Blogger who reviewed t'Orange Book chapter by chapter? #
  • Rediscovering I'm the last person in the world you should talk t if you have a positive view of libdems. "Here's 7 reasons that won't work." #
  • Tonight is one o those nihts where chips and cheese seems like a good idea #
  • Getting the "uhoh, daddy's drunk again" look off the cats and hubbt. #
  • @JohnBM oh, I've tried that, but I just get the "OH I@M SO HUNGRY" pantomime that ends with them pretending to hunt spiders for sustenance in reply to JohnBM #
  • @gesinegesine get back to your running 🙂 in reply to gesinegesine #

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