Tweets on 2011-05-18

  • Lovin' the new repeat Rx service. (@ Boots) #
  • @stephenbarker blimey you seem to have got from miles away to not that far really in the blink of an eye. #
  • @owenblacker yeah, cos Lab MPs have such a good record on Lords reform! #
  • @cllrkemp I can't believe you'd be married to a woman who would care if you gave her permission or not! #
  • RT @freakonomics: The Neuroscience Behind Sexual Desire: Authors of "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" answer your questions. #
  • "Hawkear. The future of bell ringing" – can hawks hear all that well? #
  • Him: can't taste any pea or ham in this soup! Me: it's leek and potato. #
  • I was once hospitalized by a Bakewell Tart. #
  • @dr_nick yup #
  • RT @Linguagroover: @alexfoster Comrade, if you think you can become managing director of the IMF on that flimsy record, think again #
  • Suddenly much more positively minded towards an LDV submishe now that I've seen the author's mugshot #fickle #

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