Tweets on 2011-05-16

  • Goddamnnit, had got so far, then just happened to read something with the Eurovision result in the first line. 😦 #
  • If anyone can use my non-refundable first class tick Nottingham to St Pancras there and back on Sat 28th, let me know! #
  • @catofstripes really, not a problem! If there's any chance someone can use it, so much the better but was booked far enough out to be cheap. #
  • @catofstripes but the quid pro quo of cheap is non-refundable! #
  • Bayeux restaurant review – English speakers amazed, French speakers appalled… #
  • RT @catofstripes: @alexfoster Mème en Grande Bretagne j`ai mangé mieux. I see what you mean 😉 #
  • What nice things shall I put on next week's meal plan for two? low budget, at least one veggie night. #
  • @dr_nick how could they be? #
  • @helenduffett well, there's a word. #
  • Nottm City Council is late on 41% of FOIs. Feels far higher than that from reading website #
  • Latin graffiti at Southwell. Complete with graffiti corrections. #

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