Tweets on 2011-04-09

  • RT @warrenellis: AWAKE IS HORRIBLE #
  • Babies bring out the worst in Ambridge. #
  • I'm at Fed Ex (Queens Drive, Nottingham) #
  • @Mighty_Booth ? photo printers at Boots etc? #
  • I've heard references to Nazis every day this week on #bbcr4 Enough! #
  • Dagnabbit, I could've sworn there was half a pack of quinoa in the back of the cupboard. Will have to have couscous. Again! #veggienite #
  • Gah! Surely if Gardeners' Question Time comes from Ambridge the world will implode. #
  • @dr_nick but quinoa is a miracle superfood! #
  • @dr_nick quinoa contains a balanced set of amino acids, making it an unusually complete protein source among plants. #
  • Friday night ringing practice. (@ Daybrook St Pauls) #
  • RT @alexfolkes: So the Leader of Southampton Council 'wrestled submarine shooter to the ground'… <<< what is this, NCIS Soton? #
  • My blog looks weird today. Must be my CSS Naked Day plugin doing it's thang again already. #
  • @dr_nick LittleN very welcome to come and help with leafleting đŸ™‚ #
  • @alexfolkes I'd heard civilians involved, civics on board, so guessed it was only a matter of time until the two were linked up. #
  • Obama photoshopped either into or out of photo, depending on your point of view. #
  • @StefJoynson @dr_nick we only eat veggie one night a week! #
  • @markpack @rfenwick it's in black and white. She might be grey haired. #

  • Quoins! Vermiculated quoins! #
  • @journodave me! But no more #

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