Tweets on 2011-04-04

  • RT @william_summers: What the hell have the Lib Dems done? #
  • @dr_nick that's insane – ours is an average of around 12kWh leccy per day, 18 in the winter, 9-10 over the summer. #
  • Finally plating Sunday lunch #
  • Divvying up remaining chicken between Monday's pie and Tuesday's risotto and making stock with the rest, the peelings and the veg water. #
  • I gather from a flurry of socmed happenings that I've been on telly again. I suppose this is just how life goes, now. #cdwm @scottm @jaekay #
  • @rfenwick has he got Emu with him? #
  • @adamrio did you approve that message? #
  • @jamesmcgraw it's a QR Code, which can be read by smartphone barcode reader. That one points to a website with a photo of a cctv cam. #
  • @Psythor last date to register to vote is 14th April. But you'll still be able to vote at your old address. #

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