Tweets on 2011-04-01

  • Insanely cute lambs bleating on command. #
  • Blimey, @christofhughes prompted me to check download stats for Invisible Man 157k since 2006! And lovely reviews. #
  • @sarabedford tea or teapot? Cake / biscuits eg shortbread? a toy monkey you could call an Inselaffe and hope they have sense of humour? #
  • What's the going rate for getting a relatively simple Facebook app developed? #lazyweb #
  • RT @popcap_games: We currently have 29 job openings! <<< including some based in Dublin #

  • Leftover pastry so made jam tarts. Major flashback to St Michael's toddler group! #
  • Last few minutes for "Dinner for Two at Fothergill's" groupon deal #
  • Aargh help. Somone just burst into my house, frogmarched me into the street and put me in the boot of their car. #
  • No idea what's going on but they were frighteningly fast and quiet #
  • You'd have thought professionals would have known to take my phone off me tho. #
  • Hmmm. So destination was East Mids Airport. I hope this is going to turn out to be a romantic break or something. #
  • Well. I have to say. I have never been on a plane like this. Big wide seats, leather, personal steward. #
  • WTF is going on? Who do I know who can afford a plane like this? Have to go – still keeping phone secret from heavies. #
  • Apparently destination – Belize?! I've vaguely heard of that but I hvae no idea where it is. #
  • Could be something to with this? RT @libdemvoice Major changes at Lib Dem Voice #
  • @10anta nope #
  • Ooh, Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike at – complete with paper chain! #

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